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7 Lesser-Known Conditions to See Your Chiropractor For

7 Lesser-Known Conditions to See Your Chiropractor For

Can’t get rid of your high blood pressure? Annoyed by constant ringing in your ears? Need to go on a diet? It might be time to see a chiropractor.


You may think it seems silly to recommend chiropractic care for symptoms that appear to have no connection to your back, but chiropractors can help you with all kinds of problems.


The specialists at iChiropractic focus on holistic healing, an ideology that takes the whole body into consideration. Our solutions don’t just target one specific area, but aim toward positive changes in overall physical health. So even if you are looking to improve your physical health in other ways, it might still be useful to give your local chiropractor a call.


Check out the list below. Chiropractors have the skills and knowledge to help patients with the following conditions:


ADHDIf you or someone you love suffers from ADHD, you’ll learn quite quickly that medication, while appropriate for many, can have very upsetting drawbacks and side effects. (Not to mention the fact that it can get pricey!)


Why not try chiropractic care to help with the issue? In one study, chiropractic care was shown to reduce the symptoms of ADHD in boys between the ages of 9-13. Chiropractic adjustments, dietary changes, and a holistic approach can not only help with physical problems, but improve mental and behavioral health as well.


IBS or Digestion ProblemsDigestion problems may leave you feeling desperate, especially if a diagnosis and treatment from a doctor doesn’t end up helping your symptoms. We can help.


IBS or Digestion Problems

Digestion is linked to the nerves in the middle (thoracic) area of your spinal column, and digestion problems may be the result of a herniated disc. These discs don’t always result in outright pain, but can affect your body in other ways. Also, problems like these are also commonly associated with IBS, and doctors will sometimes diagnose a patient incorrectly, not considering the spine.


Headaches and Neck PainDid you know that the top of your spinal column is actually in your neck? Because of this, neck pain and even headaches can be the result of misalignment of the upper spinal cord or pressure on the nerves around it.


Vertigo, Hearing Loss, Other Ear ConditionsIn addition to head pain, your spine may also cause pain or conditions specific to your ears. Problems with this area of your body can affect not only your healing, but also your balance. Studies have shown that adjustments to the upper and thoracic regions of the spine can have a positive affect on your overall hearing and balance, reducing symptoms of conditions like tinnitus or vertigo.


Problems With Your SinusesWhen you’re clogged up, a visit to the chiropractor is probably the last thing that crosses your mind. However, chiropractors can use adjustments or acupuncture therapy to allow the buildup in nasal and sinus passages to flow freely and drain properly.


Problems With Your Sinuses

High Blood PressureWhen you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, your doctor may suggest some lifestyle changes to complement medication. But if you don’t know where to start, or just need a little encouragement to apply healthy habits to your life, a chiropractor can create the perfect plan for your needs.


Exercise therapy, for example, will be able to help you start losing weight and give you an idea of the exercises and treatments that will most effectively get your blood pressure to a healthy level. Chiropractic adjustments will also help you continue with your exercise routine at home and slowly build your strength to improve overall health.


Moreover, chiropractors can offer diet plans and other suggestions. We aim to offer alternatives to medication and surgeries, and may be able to help you avoid those treatments while still helping you to lower your blood pressure.


Discomfort from Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)Even after years of experiencing bloating, fatigue, mood swings, and worse every month, these symptoms can feel just as awful as they did when you first began menstruating. Studies have shown that chiropractic care, specifically adjustments and soft-tissue therapy (massage), help to reduce general discomfort and other related PMS symptoms.


This list is not even close to exhaustive. These are just some of the lesser-known conditions that can benefit from chiropractic care. Whether you are looking to improve your overall health or suffering from a specific issue that just won’t go away, you have a reason to call a chiropractor.


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About the Author:


Dr. Marc Browner is the Founder of iChiropractic and Wellness in Naples, Florida. A graduate of the University of Florida in 1991, he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life Chiropractic in 1995. In private practice since 1998, Dr. Browner is a member of the Florida Chiropractic Society, the Florida Chiropractic Association, and he attends continuing education seminars, classes, and workshops to remain abreast of the most current treatment methods and technological advances in the field.

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