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The Benefits of Flexion Distraction for Herniated Discs

The Benefits of Flexion Distraction for Herniated Discs

Did you know you might have a herniated disc without even knowing it?


Before we understand what a herniated disc even is, though, let’s take a moment to look at your spine. Your spine is made up of individual bones – vertebrae – with rubbery cushions – discs – between the bones.


The discs in your spine have a hard exterior that surrounds a soft center. So if that tough exterior gets a small crack and the soft stuff in the center pushes out, you have a herniated disc – also referred to as a “slipped disc” or …

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Flexion Distraction: The Safe, Pain-Free Alternative to Back Surgery
Posted by: Marc Browner
Category: Flexion Distraction


Flexion Distraction - The Safe, Pain-Free Alternative to Back Surgery



For the 31 million Americans who experience debilitating low-back pain at any given time, the intensity of their flare-ups is what determines the outcome of their day. For 45 percent of America’s workforce rendered unable to function normally by their neck pain, the viciousness of their episodes is what decides the number of lost work days, overall job performance, and hourly wages. In the United States, chronic pain affects an estimated 100 million people, costing the economy a whopping $635 billion annually in medical care services and lost productivity.


Much of this pain is caused …

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