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How Sports Chiropractors Improve Athletic Performance

How Sports Chiropractors Improve Athletic Performance

When was the last time you saw a chiropractor for reasons other than back pain or serious injury?


Most athletes don’t even think about going to a chiropractor until they’ve been put on the sidelines for an injury or are suffering pain that keeps them out of the game. Visiting a chiropractor is not considered a priority while they are feeling at the top of their game. However, regular appointments to a sports chiropractor can prevent sports injuries from happening while improving overall performance.


And this isn’t just for professionals, either. Whether you like to run marathons, play …

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Stay Fit – and Safe – This Summer: Top Beach Sports and Recreational Injuries

Stay Fit – and Safe – This Summer - Top Beach Sports and Recreational Injuries


Summer is the season you prepare your body the whole year for, but now that it’s here, what’s the best way to keep fit while taking advantage of everything this season has to offer?


When it comes to fresh ways to fit in a workout while having loads of fun, beach sports get all the glory. And for good reason: they offer the perfect combination of thrills and danger while providing bigger calorie burns and fitness gains than sports on land. Volleyball, paddle boarding, wakesurfing, kiteboarding, and even the popular jog on the beach are all amazing fun …

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Barefoot Running: Is Less Really More?

Barefoot Running - Is Less Really More


Barefoot running is currently a growing trend in the running world, being touted as a great way of improving balance and strength, while promoting a style of running similar to that of our ancestors. Supporters believe that the transition from the conventional heel-striking running style to either a forefoot or a midfoot strike lowers the impact forces, thus decreasing the risk of injury. The evidence available so far, although anecdotal in essence, claims that practitioners of forefoot and midfoot striking can avoid or mitigate conditions such as runner’s knee, plantar fasciitis, repetitive stress injuries, and stress fractures.


Although …

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