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Suffering from Allergies? Chiropractic Care Could End Your Misery
Posted by: Marc Browner
Category: Chiropractic

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Chiropractors have long been associated with being able to relieve back and neck pain through a series of targeted adjustments and spinal manipulations. But did you know these treatments can help relieve allergy symptoms as well?


The benefits of chiropractic care reach far beyond the treatment of acute and chronic pain. It turns out it is also used to maximize the performance of a person’s nervous system, which directly impacts their immune system and indirectly decreases the occurrence and likelihood of allergic reactions. If you suffer from severe allergies and are tired of relying on over-the-counter medications to mask the symptoms, consider chiropractic care for natural, long-term relief.


The Link between the Immune System and Allergies


The immune system is a complex and intricate protection mechanism that defends the body from millions of bacteria, microbes, viruses, toxins, and parasites every day. Without it, people simply wouldn’t be able to survive. But beyond keeping humans safe from disease and sickness, the immune system also plays a vital role in preventing foreign substances from entering the body, such as pollution, dust, dead cells, and other common allergens. Although each person has a unique tolerance to these allergens, a healthy immune system is better able to decrease the probability and severity of reactions than a weakened system.


If heightened levels of allergens are present, the body reacts by overproducing neutralizing chemicals, such as histamines, to correct the problem. The excess of these chemicals remaining in the body is ultimately what causes allergic reactions and can even heighten an individual’s sensitivity to dangerous reactions caused by bee stings, food allergens, and penicillin.


The Nervous System’s Effect on the Immune System


So what does this have to do with the spinal system’s effect on allergies? Current research has revealed a link between the body’s nervous system and the effectiveness of an individual’s immune system. It was suggested that when excessive stress is placed on the nervous system, the immune system is in turn weakened and unable to effectively serve its vital function.  This stress is often caused by vertebral subluxation, which occurs when one or more of the bones in the spine move out of position and irritate the spinal nerves. With pressure placed on the spinal nerves, the nervous system is unable to properly supply nerves to the organs and cells involved in keeping you resistant to allergens. Consequently, the immune system is weakened, and the risk of allergies increases.

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How Chiropractic Adjustments Relieve Allergies


Through targeted adjustments, chiropractors are able to address subluxations in the spine and release stress placed on the nervous system. Free from this pressure, the patient’s nervous system is able to function at its optimal level, in turn helping the immune system neutralize more effectively the allergy-causing chemicals in the environment. Multiple treatments may be required to treat subluxations, but people typically see immediate relief from even the most severe allergy conditions caused by an immune disorder.


Although there are many conditions that increase the likelihood of allergic reactions, treating vertebral subluxation through chiropractic care may just be the answer to your allergy woes. Even those suffering only from mild allergic symptoms can reap huge benefits from a properly-functioning immune system and can even see an improvement in their overall health and mood. With a free consultation by Dr. Browner, we can determine if chiropractic adjustments can help improve your immune system and keep allergic reactions at bay.

About the Author:

Dr. Marc Browner is the Founder of iChiropractic and Wellness in Naples, Florida. A graduate of the University of Florida in 1991, he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life Chiropractic in 1995. In private practice since 1998, Dr. Browner is a member of the Florida Chiropractic Society, the Florida Chiropractic Association, and he attends continuing education seminars, classes, and workshops to remain abreast of the most current treatment methods and technological advances in the field.


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